Anxiety Therapy

Are you frequently anxious, or worried? Lacking confidence? Not living your life the way you'd like? At Thought Tonic, our passion is helping clients like you, who struggle with anxiety -- and often, their self-esteem -- to feel less controlled by worry, fear, and self-doubt. We want you to experience your life with the greater calmness, sense of courage, and increased confidence that you desire.

Our hands-on, practical approach to therapy addresses each of the three components of anxiety -- the physical, cognitive, and behavioral -- to interrupt the cycle that keeps anxiety going, and that can spiral out of control, making the experience of anxiety even worse.  We teach you skills that you can use on your own, and support you in practicing them, so that you finish therapy with knowledge and experience that can benefit you long after you leave us.

Courage Coaching

We also do
life coaching to help you meet your goals for courageous living. Frequently, we work with clients who have been in therapy or counseling previously -- anywhere, with anyone -- and want to refresh and build on the gains that they made.

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