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We make meaning of our experiences in and through conversations. We have conversations with ourselves -- usually in thought -- and with others. Some kinds of conversations help generate new and different meanings that enhance a sense of self-agency and possibility in our lives; others do not. In these latter kinds of conversations, we often remain feeling overwhelmed -- stressed or depressed -- and stuck. My passion, whether in psychotherapy, life coaching, or the clinical supervision of other therapists, is co-creating the kinds of conversations that can make a difference in the lives of those participating.

When you and I talk together, I'm going to see and treat you as the expert on your own life and experiences, what is important for us to talk about, and on what you want to achieve through our time together. My own expertise lies in facilitating a collaborative, mutually-transformative process that grows out of me taking this particular stance, and you taking the opportunity to talk with me.

As we continue in conversation, I will ask questions, make comments, check my understandings, and share my own thoughts out loud. I invite you to do likewise. I believe that change -- for all involved -- is the exciting and natural consequence of this kind of open, dialogical process.

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